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Put on your fanciest clothes, grab a babysitter for the night, and head to Harrington Raceway & Casino for a fun-filled getaway surrounded by delicious food, over 1,400 slot machines, and a long list of popular casino table games. Join the party and score big as you enjoy a night away from reality and put your luck to the test with high stakes beckoning for just one more round. Your friends at our Delaware casino would like to provide guests with a few tips to help determine which game offers the best chances of winning as we cover the top casino games with the best odds. Get the inside scoop from the experts and plan your trip to see us soon!

Best Casino Table Game Odds

It’s no secret that luck is a significant factor in casino games. Learn how to place the cards in your favor by strategically selecting the best games to play at a casino to win and score big today!

A woman winning at the tables

Craps: 50%

Craps presents one of the top casino games with the best odds for players to win with high odds of 50%. Play this game by rolling the dice as other players make bets on each roll.

Roulette: Approximately 50%

Yet another casino game with the best odds, Roulette marks a close second as the odds almost reach 50% once again. Bet on numbers 1-36 as the dealer or “croupier” spins a wheel lined up to number 38 and take your chances as you watch where it falls.

Blackjack: 49%

Blackjack is a popular casino game that combines the elements of luck and skill as players bet against the dealer rather than one another. This table game remains one of the top casino games with the best odds rounding out at a 49% chance of winning each round.

Get Ready

Start practicing your skills after learning more about the casino games with the best odds to win at Harrington Raceway & Casino. Contact us for more information about the top ways to win, including which slots have the best odds!