Place Your B-Ball Bets!

Basketball mixes thrilling games and dynamic outcomes offering various parties potential wagers to make at Murphy's Race and Sportsbook. Harrington Raceway & Casino is your basketball betting casino in Delaware, featuring professional and college basketball and a modern and upscale atmosphere. Are you new to betting? There is a groundwork of knowledge to understand before laying down your first basketball betting picks. Learn some of the basketball betting terms and what is involved with placing wagers, then visit your premier basketball betting casino in Delaware for the opening tip!

Types of Bets

  • Point Spread Betting is one of the most popular wager types that consists of betting on how many points a team will win or lose.
  • Point Total Betting, also known as over/under, is betting on the point total. Your bets are placed based on whether the two teams exceed or fail to meet a specific combined score.
  • Money Line is a simplified variant of the prior two wager types. Instead of points, you place your money on your favorite team or who you presume will win the game.
  • • Parlays/ Teasers are about combining bets to increase winnings. The more stakes you string together, the lower chances of winning, but the greater the reward if picked right.
  • Futures bets are proposition wagers placed on which team will win the conference or the championship. Futures are not limited to teams and can be placed on your estimate of who will be the league's MVP.

Photo of a basketball on the court

Basketball Betting Tips

Research The Players

Basketball is unique because, at any moment, players can and will be pulled from the starting lineup. Your basketball betting casino in Delaware suggests studying the players so that when a star shooter takes a seat, you know when there is an opportunity.

Consider Scheduling

Since there are set to be 82 games in a professional basketball season, often players must hop on a jet and fly across the country to play two games in three days. This is known as a 'circus road trip', where fatigue can directly impact a game's outcome. Take note of travel distance and home advantages.

Embrace Statistics

While basketball stats don't compare with baseball, there are many reliable metrics to work with to guide your bets, such as turnovers, 3-point shooting percentages, and team rebounding.

Your Basketball Betting Casino in Delaware

Stop by Murphy's Race and Sportsbook at Harrington Raceway & Casino, on the second floor of M&T Bank Grandstand. We also offer self-service sports wagering machines located to the right of the teller area, and our friendly staff is glad to answer your queries at your basketball betting casino in Delaware. Best of luck!