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If you’re looking to get away from work, stress, or just to have some fun, Harrington Raceway & Casino is the perfect place to start! Filled with tons of opportunities to blow off some steam, we proudly offer a wide selection of amenities, including over 1,300 slot machines, live entertainment, in-house eateries, and sports betting! Begin by viewing our tips on how ice hockey betting works and start practicing for your big win today!


As we cover how baseball betting works, you’ll come across numerous strategies to explore. The Moneyline strategy calls for players to bet on who will win the game by placing a bet dependent on the moneyline or what the team is predicted to score.

Puck Lines

Like a Run Line in baseball, the Puck Line method calls for players to bet on a 1.5-goal spread, choosing either the favorite or the out-of-towner to win.


The Totals hockey betting method is based on the amount of goals scored during the game, either over or under what has been predicted.

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During a Parlay bet, players wager on the various outcomes of the game, keeping in mind that all teams within their bet will need to win to earn the cash prize.


Have you been thinking a specific team will go all the way? Place a futures bet where you can bet on the outcome of significant events in advance.

Prop Bets

Prop Bets are bets that don’t necessarily relate to the outcome of a game, but rather other additional aspects, including player performance, the number of wins a team earns, and more!

Live/In-Game Betting

Live/In-Game Betting refers to when players place bets while the game is still happening. Brush up on your ice hockey betting rules to determine the best team to vote for!

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