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If you're looking for a new way to enjoy some heart-pounding fun, you'll find exactly what you're craving at Harrington Raceway & Casino. Our Delaware casino is the perfect place to unwind with over 1,300 slot machines, numerous in-house restaurants, live entertainment, and our Heads Up Hold 'Em table game in Delaware. View our tips on how to play Heads Up Hold 'Em to give yourself the best experience possible.

Learn to Play Heads Up Hold 'Em

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Heads up Hold 'Em Rules

Before visiting our Heads Up Hold 'Em table game in Delaware, you must know how to play.

Place Your Bets

Players start the game by making an ante and odds bet. This bet is usually of equal amounts.

Cards Are Dealt

After players place their bets, the dealer will then hand out two cards on which players can check or raise the bet three times.

Community Cards Are Revealed

The dealer will now reveal three community cards to the players. Now players will also have another opportunity to check or raise the bet.

The Dealer's Hand is Shown

Once the bets have been placed, the dealer will show his hand to the players and compare cards. Those who won will receive their prize money from the dealer and will have the chance to walk or raise the stakes.

Did You Win?

The dealer will now pay or take away the Triple Plus Bet from players. The amount that will be paid is based on the pay tables listed at our Heads Up Hold ’Em table game in Delaware.

Flopped Royal Flush*: 100% of Progressive
Royal Flush: 5,000 for 1
Straight Flush: 2,500 for 1
Quads: 500 for 1
Full House: 50 for 1

Heads Up Hold 'Em

Heads Up Hold 'Em Strategy & Wagers

Excel at our Heads Up Hold 'Em table game in Delaware when you utilize these plays:

Trips Plus

Players who use their two cards provided by the dealer along with the five community cards can win any of the fantastic prizes above.

Pocket Bonus

After reviewing your two cards, check out the paytable to see if your luck has changed!


Players go "Heads Up" against the dealer's hand when they receive the two cards and five community cards.


Your odds equal the same amount as your ante bet. If you score any of the hands listed on the "Players Win Playtable," you're golden! If your hand loses, check out our "Bad Beat Paytable."


While playing against the dealer, those in the game can check or raise the bet at our Heads Up Hold 'Em table game in Delaware.

Score Big

Visit Harrington Raceway & Casino to play our Heads Up Hold 'Em table game in Delaware. Have a few questions about how to play? We're happy to expand on the rules! Contact us with any questions regarding our Heads Up Hold 'Em table game in Delaware.

*Flopped Royal Flush must use Player’s two card and the first three flopped community cards of dealer