Joey & Gina's Italian Comedy Wedding

Dinner Theatre
Saturday, May 9
$45 per person


The hysterical, full audience participation production, where anything and everything that can go wrong, does. Dance, act, and laugh yourself silly, right alongside the wedding party. Watch as Joey & Gina try to keep their special day from turning into a complete disaster--will Father Goldstein remain sober?....will club dancer, Losy Linhan, be able to keep her clothes on?.....will Angelo the DJ finally find his life partner?.... or will you be the one who escorts Gina down the aisle? You will wish every wedding and reception you've ever been to were THIS MUCH FUN!!

Dinner Buffet Menu:
Italian Pork Loin
Chicken Picatta
Stuffed Shells
Grilled Salmon
Roasted Red Potato
Garden Vegetables
Mixed Greens Salad
Italian Wedding Soup
Delectable Desserts

6:30PM Doors Open
7:00PM Ceremony (Show) Starts
7:30PM Dinner (Buffet) Opens
8:15PM Reception
9:30PM Event Concludes

Presented by Ovation Dinner Theatre